Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A little less than thirty-six hours before the India-Pakistan series kicks off...and for all the tension, it'll be somewhat of a relief after all the punditry that we've been treated to, with everyone from Sunil Gavaskar to Zaheer Abbas to Sidhu to Moin Khan to Aaquib Javed and Rashid Khan (!) offering predictions on the series.

Me? I'm too invested emotionally to offer a prediction (at least a credible one), and will spend the next month on the edge of my seat-- or falling asleep during the day (what with the time difference sub-continental matches are murder on those of us watching from New York). I will say that on recent form one would have to give the edge to Pakistan-- but then again in theory India should have won the last home series against Pakistan as well. 'Nuff said...


flygirl said...

i hear you, brother!

good luck for the series :-) hope there are plenty of wonderful knocks from both sides.

Kush Tandon said...


You should join and write about cricket etc.

They just 2 days ago, and have had a great start.

Kush Tandon said...

I meant Umair, instead of Qalandar. Sorry.