Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama. Irshaad.

This one is too good to pass up: Obama recently told an interviewer (from DAWN, Pakistan's leading English-language newspaper):

'I would love to visit [Pakistan]. As you know, I had Pakistani roommates in college who were very close friends of mine. I went to visit them when I was still in college; was in Karachi and went to Hyderabad. Their mothers taught me to cook,’ said Mr Obama.

‘What can you cook?’

‘Oh, keema ... daal ... You name it, I can cook it. And so I have a great affinity for Pakistani culture and the great Urdu poets.’

‘You read Urdu poetry?’


Read the rest at POLITICO. Thanks to Tyler for bringing this to my attention! The complete interview with DAWN's Anwar Iqbal is on the newspaper's website.


Szerelem said...

I read this too - but what I am even more curious to know is - what Urdu poetry, which poets?

Qalandar said...

I believe the two poets are "keema" and "daal" :-)

MAG said...

I believe Keema/Kheema and Daal (Shorba) are dishes not poets... Ground lamb and a soup.

Qalandar said...

Good grief MAG, yaar I was kidding!!! [PS -- "daal" is lentil(s), typically made with a soup-like consistency]

Szerelem said...

Omg - Mag your comment is priceless!

MAG said...

hehehe...I could put some smiles on your faces, couldn't I :-)

But honestly, not like you guys, I had to google it!

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