Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Chapati Mystery Discussion: Fundamentalism, Islamism, and all that jazz

It's been quiet for me on this blog for a few days...so I offer you this discussion from Chapati Mystery (the typos in my comments are the result of haste, late nights, and me being me).


Anonymous said...

A long but great read.

"Traditionalist" Islamic Activism: Deoband, Tablighis, and Talibs

Barbara D. Metcalf

Salman said...

“The meta-theory of piety: reflections on the work of Saba Mahmood” By Julius Bautista

Salman said...

Relevant to the CM discussion on "isms."

Political Islamic and Jihadi Movements:


Salman said...

"For two years (1995-97) I conducted fieldwork with a movement in which women from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds provided scriptures, social practices, and forms of bodily comportment considered germane to the cultivation of the ideal virtuous self. The burgeoning of this movement marks the first time in Egyptian history that such a large number of women have held public meetings in mosques to teach one another Islamic doctrine, thereby altering the historically male-centered character of mosques as well as Islamic pedagogy."

Politics of Piety: A Case Study in Cairo