Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Movie Poster Yatra

[For all the Mumbai theaters I am deeply indebted to Abzee and his father for taking me there]

In Delhi (February 2006) ("Suhaagan Banaa Das Sajnaa Hamaar"):

In Ajmer (February 2006):
Near Ajmer Shareef:
IMG_1013 (full-sized image HERE)

In Rawalpindi (February 2007) :
"Aaj Da Badmaash":
IMG_Poster (larger image HERE)

"Bebas Kaliyan":
IMG_Poster2 (larger image HERE)

In Hyderabad (November 2007):

"Om Shanti Om" and "Jab We Met":

"Viyyala Vari Kayyalu" in Raitu Bazaar (Thanks Madhu for the film title!):
032_2 (larger images HERE and HERE)

In Warangal (November 2007):
"Yamadonga" giving way to "Munna":
Hyderabad Tourist 094 (larger image HERE)
Hyderabad Tourist 095 (larger image HERE)
Hyderabad Tourist 096 (larger image HERE)

In Bhopal (December 2007):
"Qismat" and "Partner" in Bhopal's Old City:
Aurangabad 001

In Mumbai (December 2007):
"Welcome" & "Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge" at Maratha Mandir:

"Sautela" and "Laadla" at Royal:
270 (larger image HERE)

"Judwaa" at Alfred:
271 (larger image HERE)

"Aandhi aur Toofan":
272 (larger image HERE)

"Welcome" and "Taare Zameen Par" at Eros (opposite Churchgate):

In Varanasi (March 2009):
IMG_5541 (larger image HERE)

"Delhi-6" and "Ek Haseen Khiladi":
IMG_5641 (larger image HERE)

IMG_5690 (larger image HERE)


Qalandar said...

Apologies to gaddeswarup; I accidentally deleted his comment. It read:

"Curious. The 'yamadonga' poster has a stamp, possibly of some distributor, right in the middle."

gaddeswarup said...

I deleted it since I posted it in the wrong thread. I thought that the stamp disfigured the poster though posters themselves can sometimes be a nuisance.

rks said...

the first one..

"Sohaagan banaa da sajnaa hamaar"

First word..Suhaagan is a Hindi word but it is a Bhojpuri should be Sohaagan :)