Friday, November 27, 2009

Horror Show

It doesn't take much to get me started on the topic of the direction(s) contemporary Hindi cinema is taking. And that little was provided by the Kurbaan promotional campaign -- leading to this piece for


Dipika said...

Lots of mildly offended NRIs in the comments section there.

Good point about 'unmarked' characters though. But it seems to me that India's urban classes are actually mass producing unmarked Bandra clones. I'm 24 and I feel old and 'marked' now.

Smita said...

I like your writing. 'These films are self-consciously “massy”, and targeted at the Common Man -- who better not miss ‘em, as his next opportunity might not arise until 2014.' Loved it! LOL.

Naserke said...

Well said... but I asked couple of my friends to read your post. They gave up after reading first or second paragraph. Reason - its too heavy to read. Language could be made simpler, which would make it easy to read for everyone.

Nevertheless, nicely said..

Anonymous said...

I am about 15 years older than you and have seen a lot of Hindi and Tamil cinema of the 1950s onwards, Tamil being my mother tongue. You left me slapping my head, "Why did that not occur to me? How could I miss it?" I am crying for all that we have lost in ht emergence of the "new Hindi cinema" of the 21st century