Thursday, March 04, 2010

Time to Listen

On the Indo-Pak front, enough talks about talks. How about some re-/dis- orientation instead?


Anonymous said...

With the silly IPL auction issue,
Indians were nearly bending over
backwards apologizing to the poor
people of Pakistan for having hurt
their feelings. But how many Paks
have you heard saying "We're sorry
about 26/11. We're sorry that we
nurtured the jihadists and allowed
fanaticism and India-hatred to get
to the point where the Lashkar-e-
Taiba did what it did". Even more
remarkable is a challenge of mine:

Find me one single video clip
of a Pakistani denouncing the
mass killer and terrorist king
Hafiz Saeed, on Pakistani TV.


You cannot do it.

How incredible is that?

And think of how (rightly)
we have people attacking
the Thackerays or N. Modi
all the time on Indian TV.

It is truly mind-boggling.

Here's another stunner: Sohail
Tanvir, probably the Pakistani
cricketer who shone best in the
last IPL, and who should be a
bit grateful to India for his
success, had the following to
say on "the Hindu mentality":

What is amazing is that neither
of the two TV show hosts tried
to contradict or oppose his
venom against Hindus. In fact,
they joined in it, making jokes
about Hindu treachery and other
racist and Islamist stereotypes.

Pak's a crazy, bigoted society.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. Look forward to reading more of your writings.I have really enjoyed many of these already.Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I am a south Indian, and in my 40's. from my perspective, and also of most indians born after partition, pakistan is just a pain in the neck. No purpose can be achieved by talking to such a dysfunctional country. The best possible outcome is if Pakistan leaves us alone.
Once the present generation of indian leaders who have known prepartition india pass away, hopefully a new generation will come up which will deal with the situation dispassionately and ruthlessly - and not let sentiments get in the way of what has to be done.
When Pakistan starts to hurt and hurt badly, a message will be conveyed - we stop when u stop.
Terrorism will then stop. Meaningful dialogue can then start.
Till then life has to go on.

Anonymous said...

there is a range of absurdly stupid comments here, despite the paucity of numbers, but i'll go with number three.

"when u stop, we stop"?

what makes you think that a nuclear-armed country run by machismo generals who use terror as foreign policy would stop at any rational point? they would much rather destroy the whole world in order to fulfill their deranged fantasies. i really hope the next generation of indian leaders don't adopt such a doctrine, because that's exactly what all the nutters want.

that said, loved the article. it pains me that indians like yourself are able to read this situation in such an honest and humane manner, because there are almost none like you in pakistan.