Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy Sunday on Twitter...

From my twitterfeed: On We The People: Do young politicians have old ideas? From Khap panchayats to Fatwas why doesnt Gen Next take a position?

My tweets in response (all questions below are rhetorical):
Perhaps because nothing is older and staler than the idea that "the young" will begin politics anew (remember the Rajiv Gandhi-brigade?) How can "the young" be expected to stand apart from/transcend the very society that has shaped them? Especially when it comes to politics, where "GenNext" all too often consists of the privileged scions of dynasties. How can an Omar Abdullah or Pilot change the system? Perhaps only this system makes them possible... My take: only ideology and political commitment can reliably determine the nature of one's politics; mere urbanity/youth does not...

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