Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 1947 Matrix

I was recently commissioned to write a personal, "NRI"-type piece for The Asian Age (Delhi), at no more than ~1,000 words. It appeared today; I was surprised to learn that the Deccan Chronicle is under the same management, and the editor told me they were using the same piece for that paper as well. Yenjoy. I disclaim all responsibility for the titles.


Anonymous said...

Miyan, bahut achha likha hai."ideas" bhi "great" hain.Kya umda aapka likhne ka "style"hai.Bahut "logic" hai, "coherence" hai.Haan, kabhi, kabhi aapke kissi eik bahut lambei "sentence" ki "parsing" karni parhti hai-- "noun" kidar hai , kitna lamba hai; aur "verb" kahan se shuru hogi, dhoondna parhta hai.Leikin,phir bhi mazaa aagya. Bahut, achha likha hai,aapne.

Anonymous said...

Dear Qalandar,
Sorry to inform you of a minor error in my above post: In line 5,I should have used the word "subject" rather than "noun".

eastcoastgirl said...

One word for you – ‘awesome’.

A great article.I just hope that you get your visa soon.

shivam said...

hope you get visa soon